About us

Hi everyone! My name is Anthony "Shane" Crouch. I go by my middle name, Shane. I am a software engineer of about 18 years. I am self taught since the approximate age of 12. I started out on an apple IIc trying to learn assembly language and then moved up to a IMB PS1 to learn QuickBasic and Miscrosoft Assembly language. I have worked professionally using languages such as VB6, ASP, HTML, Javascript, C#, and my core language of Java. I love the world of programming. It is not just a job for me but a hobby, a craft, and just plain fun. I like the creative aspects and the fact that with programming, you are always learning as the technologies change from year to year. I am the type of person who enjoys learning and mentoring others.

I created "the coding zoo" as a way for me to freshen up on web technologies while teaching my children how to program. It also provides an avenue for me to learn other creative skills such as editing audio and video. I am still learning there so please be patient as the quality of the videos grow. My hope is that some parents and children out there will be able to use "the coding zoo" as a way to learn and spend time together. It is not just for children though, anyone new to programming can use it to learn web technologies. The field of programing has grown so much over the years and it is one of the few fields that anyone from a self-taught (be sure to study data structures and alogorithms also) to a college degreed individual can join.

FYI - Be sure to check out the end of the videos for small bloopers occasionally. I chose a white wolf as my animal to represent me at the coding zoo. We have fun.

Nicholas is my son who is 9 years old. He loves to play soccer, watch YouTube videos, play games, and is a huge Lego fan. He loves Lego. Nicholas is an awesome son. He learns so quickly, loves to help others, and is always so organized. He is outgoing like his mother and at times goofy like his dad. He is enjoying his time learning to program and doing videos with his dad. I am happy that "the coding zoo" is an opportunity for us to do together. My son chose a polar bear as the animal to represent him at the coding zoo.

Gabrielle is my daughter. She started these videos with me at the age of 12. She loves to watch anime with her dad and play video games such as Minecraft or Sims. She enjoys tennis, drawing, and learning to program. She has grown up so fast. She is also a quick learner and her old man (me) is having a hard time keeping up. She is also trying out photagraphy with her dad. She is sweet and very quiet like her dad but sometimes hard to read like her mother.

She chose a red fox to represent her at the coding zoo.